How Do Magic Mugs Work

How Do Magic Mugs Work

The gifting industry has always been a centre of attraction. There is no end to the number of events and of course, the gifting opportunities. However, one thing everyone looks in a gift for their beloved ones is uniqueness and creativity. What’s better than a Mug? These mugs have been quite a popular gifting option for ages. Whether it’s a birthday or a get-together, mugs always work.

Although, if you continue with your old-printed style of mugs, then possibly your market coverage can drop. The innovation in the technology and perceptions of people has developed a new horizon for creative thinkers. And it has certainly affected the manufacturing of mugs as well. Today people are likely shifting towards innovative styles of mugs that have heat-sensitive colour changing abilities. Yes, you might have heard of it. These are popularly known as magic mugs. And there is no doubt that people are attracted to magic.

These mugs are usually made of ceramic material and have a coating of thermochromic pigment. It enables them to change their colour when coming in contact with heat. It’s quite simple as when you pour some kind of hot liquid in a magic mug, it tends to change colour on its exteriors. Also, manufacturers create innovative looks by using Americos thermochromic pigment in the form of print. The mechanism of heat changing pigment works until the liquid present in the mug doesn’t get cold. Also, the pigment imprinted on the cup is permanent and doesn’t fade away. Even after washing the mug for several times, your customers can enjoy novelty and magic. Now you might be interested to know about how this magic works; so have a look over here,

The Mechanism

The material used in these magic mugs is thermochromic pigment powder which supports the process of heat-sensitive colour changing. The mechanism applied by these pigments is “Thermochromism”. Under this process, the pigment automatically changes it’s colour when comes into contact with heat. With the help of this process, manufacturers can apply the Americos Thermochromic colour changing paint on their mugs for applying the mechanism.

Apart from Thermochromism, more methods support colour change like photochromism, which is widely popular among textile applications. Americos is one of the leading brands who supply such effective and quality heat changing pigment. Mostly, people expect novelty in products offered for gifting and so is expected by the manufacturers. The thermochromic powder is a way to attract and drive sales for mugs.

What is Thermochromism?

Now let’s have a look at the details of this mechanism. Thermochromism is a phenomenon, which takes place due to the availability of a material having thermochromic features. These features give the colour changing ability to a particular material in response to a certain rise in temperature. Thermochromism is majorly a component of major colour changing mechanism “chromism”. This mechanism allows reversible change of colour to a material. This can be seen in the mugs as well because once the higher temperature gets lower down, the print or the thermochromic paint regains its original colour.

Why Have a Thermochromic Pigment For Mug Manufacturing?

It’s quite an obvious question for a manufacturer, as using a thermochromic colour for printing on mugs will impact the complete manufacturing process. It would enhance the steps of manufacturing which will ultimately affect the cost involved in it. So, there are certain benefits of using Americos thermochromic pigment in manufacturing gifting cups:

1. These mugs attract a massive market as they are something new from the traditional one.

2. Also, applying this paint over mugs will allow you to give them a renovated look for a substantial period. It is because magic mugs don’t lose their colour or get fade off. Although guidance must be provided in order to keep the mug scratch resistant.

3. Another interesting part is that Americos thermochromic paint is microwave safe. Hence users can heat their drinks by directly putting it into the microwave, or can try something like a mug muffin. Although, regular heating in the microwave can affect the design.

4. And the most important thing is that these cups develop an emotional quotient among buyers which enables them to develop memories.

These were some details on the working and application of magic mugs. Well, all of us get excited when something magical and mysterious come into the picture, however, there is always logic and science behind it. Same goes with these magical mugs. The Americos thermochromic pigment powder has enabled the manufacturer’s to enchant their customers. It has also given a scope of extension to creativity and innovation.

If you are looking to enhance the sales of your mugs, contact Americos for your mug project and have a better and brighter product collection.

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