photochromic pigments


Photochromic Pigments

Photochromic pigments or colours – change from clear to the target colour when exposed to sunlight or UV light.

Product Details

Non-Toxic: This powder is safe for skin contact and uses no harsh chemicals (but not intended for consumption).

Highest quality: This powder is ultra fine with vibrant colours

Product form: Powder and Inks

Americos Colours in Powder:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Violet
Americos Colour to Colour in Powder:
  • Yellow to Brown
  • Light Blue to Violet
  • Yellow to Green
  • Light Red to Blue.
Americos Colours in Ink:
  • Light Pink to Red
  • Light Green to Dark Green
  • Off-White to Orange
  • Off-White to Brown
  • Off-White to Teal
  • Off-White to Charcoal.
Packing sizes: Several options

Application and Usage: ABS, PE, PP, PS PVC, PVA PE, PP, PS, PVC, PVA, PET

Nylon Paint: Suitable for surface coating of plastic products made of materials such as ABS. PE, PP, PS, PVC and PVA

Ink: Suitable to be printed on all kinds of materials such as fabric, paper, synthetic membranes, glass, ceramics and timber and so on

Plastic: The high color density masterbatch can be used together with PE, PP PS, PVC PVA PET or Nylon in plastic injection and extrusion

Furthermore, photochromic colours are also used in wide range of industries like toys, ceramics, slime, paint, resin, epoxy, nail polish, screen printing, fabric art, body art, play dough, sugru, polymorph and much more.