How to Make Glow in Dark Face Paint?

How to Make Glow in Dark Face Paint?

Glow in the dark colours has gained immense popularity in recent times. Not just because of its utility in the craft projects, but due to its exclusive use on your body during Halloween. The best part about glow in the dark pigment is that you are not required to spend lots of money. Get some basic materials like phosphorescent pigment powder and you are set to go. Make your Halloween look ravishing and a bit thrilling with exclusive glow in the dark face paint.

Now, you must be thinking that it can be complicated to make this paint at home. Well, the answer to your speculations is an absolute no. You can get the supplies and simply make it at home without spending tons of money. Making your glow in the dark face paint at home will enable you not just save the cost but also choose the desired colours and ingredients to ensure your perfect look without compromising with the safety.

The Method To Create Glow in the Dark Colours Paint For Face

The list of supplies begins with glow colours for your paint. Apart from the desired glow pigment powder, you will need cold cream and corn starch. If you are willing to make various colour patterns, then get an ice tray and divide the corn starch and cold cream in different sections. This will help you get started without any issues and mess.  Now, here is the method you need to follow.

  1. Take glow pigment powder and add it gradually in the corn starch mix. Keep stirring it in the mixture and let the pigment charge. Once done, you can get the lights out and take a look at how the paint looks.
  2. Ensure the proper consistency and texture of your paint. Whichever colour you choose, the way to get the brighter tone is just add more glow pigment powder. After finding the perfect glow, you can manage its consistency by adding extra lotion or cold cream. You can add more powder to make its texture drier.
  3. Now let the paint rest for some time until you are going to apply it on your skin. Here is a quick tip, to have a spectacular glow on your face, let your paint rest in the fridge. Now, don’t put it in the freezer, a normal section of your refrigerator will do the work. This will simplify its application. While applying the paint, you can use fingers, sponges or even paintbrushes to add more strokes over your eyelashes.
  4. You must be thinking about colour. So, some of the glow in the dark pigments are already coloured, hence, you don’t have to worry about paint’s colour. Other than that, you can get a neutral glow pigment and add food colour or powdered paint of your choice. It’s important to understand that glow in the dark colours pigment is quite light in shade before getting applied to your skin to glow. If you add extra colour, the brightness will get hampered a little. And using the water-based product would definitely reduce its glow, so avoid it. To have a solution, you can apply the common face paint and further apply the glow paint to have the perfect glow on your skin.
  5. Coming to the removal part, you can remove the glow paint by using your regular face wash and water. If you are using any common face paint, then read the instructions of removal to avoid any damage to your skin.

Some Essential Things To Consider

Its time to get some important tips before getting ready for an exciting event. The above-mentioned method is definitely is quite simple, however, there are certain things you need to keep in mind if your skin is sensitive.

  1. Use of phosphors affect infections, so it’s better you use glow pigment powder.
  2. Ensure the ingredients you are using are non-toxic and adhesive free.
  3. Get large pigment particles for a better glow.
  4. Make its application within a few hours before it loses its shine. Storage will depend on the product you have chosen. If you want to store it, choose an airtight container.

Glow in the dark pigment is the best way to make your look spectacular. It’s not necessary for Halloween only, you can experiment with your make-up for themed parties and much more with this glow in the dark paint. So, don’t make your ideas and imagination wait for long and get the perfect glow colors for a bold makeup.

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