Glow in Dark Pigments Applications and Benefits

Glow in Dark Pigments Applications and Benefits

Glow in the dark seems quite attractive and chic, especially when you can use it as per your need and choice. The glow in the dark pigment enhance the appeal of your accessories and antiques. The most used chemical for creating such a powder is Phosphorescence which is somewhere related to fluorescence. It is moreover a form of photoluminescence that takes time to re-emit the absorbed radiation. There are more chemicals used for providing a Glow in the dark effect like bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, radioluminescence.

While selecting a glow in the dark colours, you need to have a look at various elements. These elements majorly relate to the application of the pigment, for which you need the powder. There are multiple styles which vary as per the use of the glow colours and grades are given to their quality. This glow in the dark pigment can be combined with several mediums like oil-based paints, acrylic, solvents, epoxies, resins, glass, rubber, ceramic glaze, wax/gel, clay, candle and nail polishes too.

Applications of Phosphorescence Pigment aka Glow in The Dark Pigment

The application of this glow pigment powder has been substantively improved over the years. Its compatibility with several other mediums makes it suitable for use in different products. The phosphorescent pigment gives a glowing effect to various colours. The most suitable and popular out of the lot is green and other neon colours that look vibrant in dark conditions.  

1. Can be Used As Ink

The demand of glowing ink has increased substantially in recent years. The glow pigment powder is used to make these inks. Especially the ink which is used on the labels and packets. These labels could be used to give security instructions like how to open and use a fire extinguisher. Using this ink is sensible as people won’t find it difficult to use it in emergencies. Even such glow colours are used to paint the roads safer and direction indicators. Some businesses use this ink for promoting their businesses by pamphlets.

Some creative designers use it to show dual aspects of a particular topic via these lights. Glow in the dark pigment is easy to be used as one only needs to print respective features of design with the paint. 

2. For Painting Accessories

Paint is one of the most common applications of this glow pigment powder. The phosphorescent powder is been utilised in creating paints so that items like your statues, watches, showpieces could be a little more appealing when seen in dark environment.

You can use the pain over the dials of your watches. Imagine how interesting it would look when the hands of your watch or clock will glow in the night. This would also help you read the correct time even in low light conditions.

The aeroplanes have glowing pathways on the floor which take you to the nearest evacuation door in a situation of emergency. You can use these glow colours to create such instant emergency pathways. It’s also a cost-effective solution as you don’t need to pay over electricity bills to have an interesting glow like this.

The phosphorescent paint or the glow in the dark pigment paint adds to the charm of already beautiful antiques and accessories. You can give an additional touch to the decor of your home with these interesting glow colours.

 3. For Resin Mold

This glow pigment powder can be used as Resin moulds too. With the time, the phosphorescent pigment was able to have the durability which makes it useful to be used in an exterior environment. 

This phosphorescent resin is used to create a glow in the dark accessories like friendship bands, earrings and much more. The pigment can be used to make a liquid which will be used to make things brighter and vibrant. Children also love to have such toys that glow in the dark.

4. Shoes, Hats, and other clothing

Glow in the dark pigment is used in the textile and fashion industry also. One can mix the glow colour in the clear fabric paint. This would allow the manufacturer to develop some interesting as well as distinctive images over the cloth. Acrylic-based glow paints allow you to have an everlasting finish of glow pigment powder on your cloth. You can put the similar paint over Shoes and hats which will stand you out of the crowd.

5. Other Commercial Uses

There are multiple uses of these glow in the dark pigment powders. It is used in emergency lightings, for painting exit signs, watches, sporting equipment, novelties, luminous textiles, toys, consumer electronics, fishing tackle etc. 

Benefits of Glow in The Dark Pigments

Out of all the benefits of these amazing glow in the dark pigment powder. The ones which will definitely interest you are:

1. These glow colours are completely safe and appropriate for use in any item.

2. You won’t need any electrical supplement for using this powder. It will make you absolutely free from the mess of wires and batteries.

3. The most surprising part is that this wonderful and attractive material is maintenance-free.

4. Phosphorescence is not a radioactive material and hence provide no chemical reaction to the external environment.

5. You would stay assured with its security as the material is not at all flammable, hence there is no chance of catching fire by it.

6. As it saves you from unnecessary usage of electricity, it’s certainly an environmentally friendly material.

So do not wait and bring your favourite glow in the dark pigment colour today and start embellishing your ornaments, accessories and antiques. These are cost-effective and can be creatively used in multiple ways. You can outshine your creativity by using them on outfits designed by you. Make a more lasting impression using some bold colours like neon green and vibrant orange. They are absolutely safe for the usage, so you won’t need to indulge in extra precautionary stuff. Gift the accessories and antiques made by using these glow colours and bring a smile on everyone’s face.

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