Glow In The Dark Body Paints

Glow In The Dark Body Paints

Glow in the dark colours are seeking possibilities in endless arenas. These pigments were traditionally linked with gifting artifacts, however now they are entering into the world of glamour and elegance. Glow in the dark body paints is made of amazing glow pigment powder, which consists of adequate chemicals suitable for applying over the skin. These exclusive body paints are knocking doors of the fashion world and make their way. Let’s have a look at amazing aspects of these glow in the dark body paints.


Glow In The Dark Pigment For Skin

When it comes to glowing in the dark body paint, phosphorescent pigments and paints are used for obtaining a glowing effect on the skin. These paints are applied similarly to any other body paint. Although, their effect is visible in dark conditions only, and hence you have to dim the lights in order to see their impact. Glow in the dark paint is scientifically called phosphorescent paint and it emits corresponding functions like any other fluorescent paint. However, the exclusive benefit one acquires is that the effect of glow colours is continued for a long period, generally up to 12 hours, once it is exposed in front of the light.


Drying time usually varies as per brand to brand, however, if you buy it from a reputable brand like Americos, then the process will be done within 10 mins of application. Americos promotes durable paint which also has waterproof characteristics. These paints emit an exclusively brighter appeal to the skin by making it vibrant.


Phosphorescent paint, also known as phosphors has the glowing effect which is achieved from a specialised luminescence elements present in the paint. One of these luminescence elements is luminescent zinc sulphide, which works perfectly well in the case of glow in the dark colours for body paint. Although, it is not restricted for use in body paints only, as many stickers, toys and stationery companies use them in their manufacturing. The glow in the dark pigment offered by Americos has charging capacity, which means one can expose it to daylight for charging and then apply it to have an ultra-glowing appeal.


The reaction of Glow Colours on Skin


Skin, being the outermost organ in a human body, is highly prone to infections and ailments. Hence it is very important to be cautious while selecting cosmetic products. Glow colours often face suspicion in terms of their effect on the skin, however, these paints are usually assumed to be safe for application on the skin. One can easily apply this vibrant and vivacious glow in the dark pigment paint on their body to have an exclusive look in parties and festivities. Although one must take caution, in case, he or she suffers from any sort of allergy on the sensitivity of their skin.  Americos complies with all the guidelines prescribed by the regulatory boards and certainly offer required tips for its usage. Glow in the dark body paint must not be used for recurring purposes and also, should be kept away from eyes. Use this amazingly incredible paint for your Halloween makeup and add a bling to your complete look.


Application of Glow Paint over Skin


The possibilities of exploring unique makeups are infinite when it comes to glowing paint. This paint is an absolute solution for creative makeup artists and cartoonists. Even performing artists utilize these glow in the dark colours to make their look more dramatic and attractive. People are allowed to excel in their imagination and create more sensational looks. It is not necessary to apply this paint throughout the body, one can use it in a specific section like hand or face to create a dynamic charm. Americos offers paint that suits to body and face both with a wide range of colour options. Here are few amazing cosmetic products to blend with glow in the dark pigment:


1. Nail Enamel: Nail enamel or commonly called nail polishes have exclusive usage for its users. One can apply glow pigment powder in these enamels and have a long-lasting colour effect. If you are looking to add an extra touch while maintaining the decency, then glow nail enamel is your choice.

2. Lip Stick: Slaying the party with the bling of bright and bold lipstick is an amazing way to enhance your impact. These glow pigment powder can be added to your normal lipsticks and the catchy as well as edgy appeal a step away of wearing it.

3. Face MakeupGlow in the dark pigment paint can be used for complete makeup as well as one can apply it in the form of painting on the face with astounding and alluring designs. It can vary from extremely bold and flashy to elegant and edgy.

4. Body Makeup: For performing events like fashion shows, dance performances and circus events, one can use glow in the dark pigment paint on their body parts. Creative designs like dragon wings and butterfly streams on legs and arms would drive charm and attention.

These were some interesting details about glow in the dark pigment paint, which is normally available in a variety of colours. Although, for dark events, neon colours are mostly recommended as they shine and glow extremely well. One must contemplate the reliability of its dealer before buying the number of glow colours for application on the body. It is because it helps in ensuring the safety of the product.


If you are willing to attract your clients and audience with a dramatic glow, then contact Americos to get an exclusive glow pigment powder for body paints.

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