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"Colour to Colourless" Thermochromic Active Pigment Heat Sensitive Colour Changing Powder

"Colour to Colourless" Thermochromic Active Pigment Heat Sensitive Colour Changing Powder

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Americos Chemicals Private Limited Thermochromic Active Pigment Heat Sensitive Colour Changing Powder for Slime, Paint, Resin, Epoxy, Nail Polish, Ink, Screen Print, Fabric Art.

  • TEMPERATURE ACTIVATED - This thermochromic pigment changes at selected temperature from colored to transparent (colored below the temperature, transparent above)
  • NON-TOXIC - This powder is safe for skin contact and uses no harsh chemicals (but not intended for consumption). Great for making color-changing slime, play dough, Sugru, Polymorph, and nail polish
  • VERSATILE - This heat-sensitive pigment is perfect for a wide range of arts and crafts and mixes well with most mediums, paints, and resins. Make your own heat-sensitive mugs, secret messages, mood rings, nail polish, slime/goo, or whatever you can imagine
  • HIGH QUALITY - This powder is ultra fine with vibrant colors
  • EASY TO USE - Simply add pigment to a clear base and mix well. Keep in mind that mixing generates heat which may temporarily change the color of the mixture. It is recommended to start with a very small amount of pigment and add more until the desired color is achieved. A ratio of 1 part pigment to 20 parts base is a good starting point.
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How it Works!

Unlocking The Magic Of Color: Exploring Photochromic And Thermochromic Pigments For Leather

Leather has been a beloved material for centuries, prized for its durability, versatility, and luxurious feel. But what if leather could do more than just look and feel good? What if it could also change color in response to heat or UV light, adding a touch of magic and intrigue to leather products? With the advent of photochromic and thermochromic pigments, this is now possible. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of photochromic and thermochromic pigments for leather, exploring their properties, applications, and the endless creative possibilities they offer.

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Thermochromatic Pigment

Isn’t it fascinating to see chameleon or a cuttlefish change its colour to drive away from the predators and attract prey? Various natural and man-made elements change colour due to changes in exterior temperature, and few are very melodramatic about their change.

The term “Thermochromic” is derived from two Greek terms: Thermos meaning heat and Chroma meaning colour. Materials made from or painted with Thermochromic powder shift their colours at different temperatures. Generally, they are mixed with inks and then printed on plastic strips to make temperature indicators.

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Thermochromism- Now To Bewitch The Sportswear Industry

The sports industry is full of trends, innovations and style. So what’s new in that? Well, the trend that is ready to startle the industry comes with the bling of magic in it. Imagine, the wonderful gaze, people will set on your attire when they will surprisingly notice the colour change in it. The bewitching mechanism is not out of a spell, but rather a technology, which has already subdued the gifting industry. After leaving a spectacular mark on the exclusive gifting items, thermochromic pigment powder is now entering the sports apparel industry. With astounding creative instincts, people have found ways to amaze the sports enthusiasts also.

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